More About Digital Watercolors

Digital Watercolors are created from digital or film photographs and with the aid of a computer program called photoshop. I have version 7.0. One of the best things about photo manipulations is that they can look very good even with a less than perfect photo.

Here are some example reference photos. The head shot is a little blurry and both shots have very distracting backgrounds.

Two or more photos can be aranged and resized to create a pleasing composition. If the animal(s) does not have distinct color paterns then photos may be flipped to improve the composition.

The distracting backgrounds are gone! A beautiful and artistic way to showcase your dogs, cats, horses or family. I can work from photos that I have taken or that you provide. Slightly blurry or noisy photos work fine. You may choose to include text, such as a name, if you would like.

The final image has a soft feel to it with a watercolor like look. Final images are printed as 11"x14" in size with a matte finish.

Custom digital watercolor montages or images are available for $70.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
To order please use the order form.

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